About CLOA

cCLOA's mission is to provide leadership for the sector by shaping transformation; facilitating innovation and improvement; and advocating the value and impact of culture and leisure services in achieving stronger, healthier and more vibrant communities.

This will be achieved by:

  • Building and developing strategic alliances with Government, and a range of national and regional bodies, to influence and inform thinking for future policy direction, strategic planning and innovation, and resources;
  • Communicating and championing the positive role that culture and leisure services play in delivering better outcomes for local communities (including health improvement; economic development and regeneration; learning and skills; environmental sustainability; social cohesion and improving community safety); and
  • Connecting and engaging the cCLOA membership in a positive and proactive way to our mission, ensuring that their experience, innovation, learning and skills are shared, and the abilities of members are fully utilised to provide effective peer group support across the culture and leisure services sector in England and Wales.

A Leading Role for Culture, Tourism and Sport

The impact of new policy drives and initiatives and the increasing focus on performance management and development continues to influence public sector cultural, tourism and sport services. Such services are no longer delivered exclusively for their own sake, but are being resourced in order to impact in broader social areas, such as regeneration, crime prevention, economic development, social inclusion, health and education – and are being measured on the outcomes achieved in these areas.

cCLOA members are at the cutting edge of this agenda. They stimulate and manage innovative projects, pilot studies and research in areas that are delivering these broader social goals.

cCLOA is helping to ensure that all of these new areas of competence feed into cultural policy development and that members, and the wider industry, are fully equipped to deliver real outcomes in this increasingly more complex arena.

Be part of this important network. As a member of cCLOA you will have the opportunity to influence new developments and their impact on your organisation and working environment.